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 press release

Program overview

We recruited and selected global start-ups, held discussions on business co-creation, and
organized workshops depending on the project phase. We have conducted business co-
creation with a group of leading Japanese companies and domestic and international start-
ups, together with local authorities and mentors.


Program outcome

Scrum Studio Inc (HQ: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President: Masami Takahashi) held the Well- BeingXConference on 15 December 2022 (Thursday) as the conclusion of the first phase of activities.

Well-BeingX Conference 2022
Well-Being Logo

Business concept proposal announced in the first year of the program

1.Services for students (mainly junior and senior high school students) providing classes on sex education by nurses and psychologists and an online consultation service on sexuality.
  • Participating companies/organizations: Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, FamiOne

  •  Overview: Sumitomo Life Insurance, which aims to build a WaaS (Well-being as a Service)
    (*1), has collaborated on initiatives in the areas of 'education (*2)' and 'pre-conception care (*3)', which are already in progress, aiming to address better gender and emotional concerns of junior and senior high school students, (*4), Sumitomo Life announced the launch of a service concept to provide students (mainly junior and senior high school students) with classes on sex education by nurses and psychologists, and online consultation service on sexuality.

子どものWell-BeingX 向上


For more information on Sumitomo Life's participation in Well-BeingX and the WaaS
ecosystem, see the following URL.


Sumitomo Life Insurance, based on its commitment to building a WaaS ecosystem, has been offering free classes for junior and senior high school students on financial literacy and career education, delivered by a company in the private sector in the belief that "we want to improve the wellbeing of children" and "we want to give children opportunities to learn about their options for the future." Since last year, we have held free classes for junior and senior high school students on financial literacy, career education, and other topics that a private company can only deliver. During these classes, we received a request from educational institutions to have sex education classes given by specialists, not schools or parents, which led to the concept this time.


Pre-conception Care is a series of initiatives that help women and couples face their own lives and health, increase their chances of having healthy babies, and support women and their future families to lead healthier lives.


FamiOne is planning, developing, and operating internet content focusing on fertility and infertility treatment support. Sumitomo Life Insurance is currently working with FamiOne on the joint development of solutions in pre-conception care.

 2. Provide Dietary Coaching for Certain Disease-affected People
  • Participating companies/organizations: Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, Town Doctor Inc.

  • Overview: To achieve the objective of "improving the QOL of patients" as part of its commitment to building a WaaS ecosystem, Sumitomo Life Insurance has announced the launch of a joint study to provide dietary coaching to patients with specific diseases together with Town Doctor Inc, a company providing a dietary guidance program "N Partner" for lifestyle-related disease patients, with doctors, nutritionists, and other specialists among its management members. The joint research was launched to provide dietary coaching for people with specific diseases.

3. Business Concepts to Improve Well-being when Working from Home
  • Participating companies/organizations: Hakuhodo Inc, Lafool Inc, Le Furo Inc, Lion

  • Overview: Following   the   introduction   of   remote   working,   many   workplaces   are required to improve mental health and well-being in line with working from home. Pre- and post-surveys will be conducted to quantitatively observe and determine whether using products and services to enhance relaxation and concentration during work from home leads to   improved   mental   health   and   well-being.

Collaborative research step
4. New service for improving the well-being of families raising children
  • Participating companies/organization : Lion Corporation, Tomoiku Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Life
    Insurance Company

  • Overview: The focus was on maternity and parental leave as the significant time that leads to the well-being of families raising children. The concept of the service is to provide an opportunity to create a vision of what you and your family want to be and to provide reliable information on family life, money, health, and childcare, as well as to build a solid infrastructure for family life that will last long after returning to work and beyond, by providing a reliable specialist to accompany you throughout the before and after childbirth, to enable you to welcome a new family member with confidence. Our vision is to provide a service that builds the basis for family life after returning to work and for a long time afterward. We aim to start commercialization as soon as possible, after verifying the impact of providing the solutions during the maternity and parental leave periods described above on the family's lifestyle, happiness, and job satisfaction after returning to work, through a trial in the spring of 2023.


This program will continue to focus on the five themes of “personal care & wellness,” “nutrition   &   health management,”   “aging   &   nursing   care,”   “insurance   &   health management,”  and  “mind  and  body.” With  the  addition  of  members,  we  will  promote business co-creation to realize diverse well-being.

[Overview of Well-BeingX program]
  • Organizer: Scrum Studio Inc.

  • Partner/supporter companies: Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd., Japan Tobacco Inc., Hakuhodo Inc., Lion Corporation

  • Observers: Kobe City, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Resource Partner: CIC Japan LLC

  • Official website:

  • Period: A three-year program from March 2022 to December 2024.

  • Five major areas of startups recruited in this program

  1. Personal Care & Wellness

  2. Nutrition & Health Management

  3. Aging & care

  4. Insurance & health management

  5. mind and body

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